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This site is dedicated to reviewing ARC's, books, and strive to bring the best in-depth reviews to everyone. My mission is to make a difference in your book selections and choices. I hope you enjoy your stay here and don't forget to subscribe to my email list to receive the latest book review. Happy reading.
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Men's Prayer Journal

Men's Prayer Journal 
A Place For Reflection Praise&Thanks 
By Romal Tune
"For With God Nothing Shall Be Impossible- Luke 1:37"

           Thank you to Callisto Publisher’s Club for sending me Men’s Prayer Journal: A Place For Reflection, Praise, & Thanks to review. Please feel free to check out their website here.

           Men’s Prayer Journal: A Place For Reflection, Praise, & Thanks. Scriptures selected by Romal Tune. A men’s journal for daily use. It’s simple, clean, and has good color coordination. The journal contains 151 pages for writing purposes and at the bottom of every page is a scripture. What really attracts me to this journal is its simple & clean design and the amount of space given to write. Romal Tune did a spectacular job creating this journal. 

        If you would like to purchase this journal, please click on the picture down below. Thanks.

Live in The Moment

Practicing the Present
The Neglected Art of Living in the New
By John Koessler
“Practicing the present does not ignore the future or the past. But it does view both with a measure of sanctified skepticism”

           Practicing the Present by John Koessler is more than a book that contains instructional guides on how to practice the present, it brings the reader closer to the presence of God. Within each chapter, John gives specific stories or references from other sources that tie into the lesson he’s teaching. You’ll be learning so many different aspects of practicing the present such as, common gestures can go a long way, becoming aware of mundane spaces in our life’s, leading between the past and future, and so many more.

Pacing of the book is expository, because John is imparting valuable information and guides to the readers. The stories that tie to the lessons are great, they are short and sweet. The writing style of the book is easy to comprehend and there are multiple concepts t…

How to Cope With Child Loss

Journey to Healing: A Mother’s Guide to Navigating Child loss By Lisa K. Boehm
Book Review by Eddy Yang (Read Time 1:30)
“I believe it is what you do with that time that helps you learn how to coexist with the death of your children”
The thought of losing your child can be horrifying, but how do you cope with it when it does happen? Journey to Healing by Lisa K. Boehm is a heart and soul’s guide to help aid with loss, sorrow, and grief. Lisa lost her only daughter Katie in a car accident at the age of 17, shock in trauma Lisa knew she had to move on in life without Katie. She shares her experience of how to accept pain and sorrow by living a life that will honor her daughter. There are questioners at the end of each lesson to help you gain a better understanding of the path to healing.
My first impression was, I’m going to read about a person’s journey to healing, but I didn’t look carefully to notice “a mother’s guide to navigating child loss”. Still, I decided to give this book a ch…

The Spy Novel That Made Me Cried

Spy a Novel by Danielle Steel
Book Review by Eddy (Read Time 1 min)

This book deserves to be 2019’s best book of the year. Spy by Danielle Steel is such a well written, detailed, and page-turner novel. It’s about a young woman named Alexandra Wickham who volunteer to serve in World War 2, she was given the choice to become a spy and forever change her life. The book is filled with action-pack adventure, humor, romance, and is especially a super tearjerker. Get ready for one heck of a read and have tissues at the side.
Danielle portrays Alexandra as a well-rounded character. She is a brave, determined, clever, charming, and talented woman. She shows no fear when taking up new challenges and yet she’s such a sweetheart. This book is easy to read and understand. After finishing the book, I feel a sense of sadness of why the book had to end so fast and it didn’t feel like I was reading at all. Every sentence and paragraph played like a movie in my head and it was hard to put the book down.…

What Do You Get When You Mix Testosterone and History? This Book

The Way of The Conscious Warrior: A Handbook For 21 Century Men  by P.T. Mistlberger

(Book Review by Eddy)

 How do you control uncontrollable testosterone? You calm it down with the perfect dose of history.The Way of The Conscious Warrior by P.T. Mistlberger is a book full of disciplinary codes, history of warriors, and past wars. Buckle down and get ready for history 101.

Within the first few pages P.T. talks about 21 century men and how they cope with family members. He gives specifications towards different kinds of men, 3 to be exact. These specifications can be tied with his “Masculine Core and Warrior Qualities”, it’s a level of identity for men not to take certain situations too personal and how men should carry a respectful composure. The book is filled with men from all kinds of war eras and all different kinds of warriors from multiple cultures. There are some warrior cultures that I haven’t even heard, and they are crazy cool. If you’re a nerd like me, you’ll be stoked to rea…

Sometimes You Need to Lose to Win

You Are Awesome: How to Navigate Change, Wrestle with Failure, and Live an Intentional Life by Neil Pasricha

(Book Review by Eddy)
Would you fail your way to success or remain a failure? There are so many people who fail at reaching success and that’s fine, but what’s not fine is if you don’t get up and keep moving forward. You Are Awesome by Neil Pasricha is filled with life-related stories, tips when hardship approaches, and secrets that Neil learned throughout his life.
Everyone hits rock bottom at some point in our lives, but what happens if we get stuck? Neil explains that nothing is over until you give up on it. Also, it is okay not to be perfect. All the mistakes that we experience are setting us up for our future. We must remember that we have the power of choice and we can decide for ourselves. Next, we have the power to re-write our past stories and change them to become new ones, because we’ve already gone through them and know what to avoid. Sometimes it’s okay to lose and fa…

Did You Know The Akashic Records Can Help Manifest Your Greatest Desires?

A Radical Approach to the Akashic Records: Master Your Life and Raise Your Vibration By Melissa Feick 
(Book Review By Eddy)

Is the Akashic Records just another meditation guide?? Well maybe not. You’re about to experience a deeper level of entering the quantum field. So prepare yourself for an exciting read.
The importance of finding your souls purpose is to find out who you really are. It’s not what you’re doing, but becoming and being. To truly feel that you are transcending in becoming, you must bring your consciousness to a heighten meditated state. Being in this state, your mind is clear and aligned with your intentions. When you reach this far in meditation, you are in the Akashic Records. It’s a dimension full of answers and information you have at your disposal. Now comes the easy part, as your able to come and go in the Akashi Records you should be able to raise that vibration and become master of your life.
What makes this book special to me is the step by step meditation gui…

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